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The Information Product market is very noisy and very cramped. So we had to develop a brand that would be impossible to miss. Business Marketing Finance is an Information product company with weekly podcasts where they have Podcast conversations with Key players from various walks of life, discussing all things business, marketing & finance. They have products that help shape and enhance any business, whether you are just starting out or consider yourself an expert in your field.

41% more website traffic
200% rise in monthly response
67% fall in cost-per-response
70% more prompted awareness than predicted
Over 5000 customers since launch

The brief

Turn heads in a complex and crowded marketplace. Generate interest, brand awareness, and make sure everyone remembers the name Business Marketing Finance as a brand.

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We knew we couldn’t outspend the big guns or compete with their market share, so we carved out our own nifty little niche and were smart about how we delivered the campaign. We worked out the key needs and desires of our audience, then delivered helped them to generate interest and leads for their products through building lead magnets, Webinars, Instagram and Youtube Ads, a Video Promo, and a newWebsite. This helped us resonate with, and capture the attention of our audience when it mattered. This boosted response rates and reduced cost-per-response by 67% throughout the campaign.



A very clean, and very effective, website and direct response ad campaign, SEO and branding. Each positioning BMF as the an expert in their niche.

The result

Focusing one beady eye on the creative and the other on strategic elements of the SEO and ad campaigning led to a whopping 200% rise in monthly responses, along with a 67% fall in cost-per-response to our client. That’s not all, gained 70% more prompted brand awareness than predicted, 33% new followers and a 41% rise in website traffic compared with non campaign efforts. 

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