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When Impact Solutions Group came to Scale Digital Marketing they were handling their paid search in-house. Their campaigns were admittedly not performing up to the levels they were anticipating. With an over-inflated CPC and inconsistent market coverage, both the metrics of the campaign and the campaigns overriding goal of increasing their visibility in a number of spaces fell well short of their marketing standards. In addition to a keyword list lacking in both quantity and advanced matching, their ads were poorly written and their campaigns were doing little to no ad testing. Their brand was suffering and their PPC campaigns were turning into a poor investment.

The Goals

  • Decrease conversion cost
  • Increase leads and inquiries
  • Expand campaigns to foreign markets
  • Solidify brand
  • Increase awareness among philanthropists, Entrepreneurs and decision makers
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As with every client, Scale DM started this campaign doing extensive research into identifying not only competitors and their positioning, but also their target market. Through the course of this research as well as leveraging previous experience in the space,Scale DM developed a strategic plan of attack which focused on, but was not limited to:

  • A heavily expanded keyword list
    • Long-tail phrases
    • Advanced matching
    • Negative keywords
  • Brand Awareness
  • Day parting
  • Campaign layout restructuring
  • Refined messaging

The messaging aspect was especially critical as Impact Solutions Group had not previously crafted the ads or landing pages to facilitate registrations by pre-qualifying traffic. In addition to the ad generation, Scale DM worked closely to reconstruct the landing pages to be more sticky and conversion-driven.

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Impact Solutions has been more than pleased with the results of the campaigns.

  • In the first month alone, ISG saw an immediate decrease of 28% in their cost per registration.
  • Registration cost dropped £27.83 to just £7.03
  • Registrations more than tripled
  • Conversion rate jumped from 5.30% to 10.45%

With the UK market secured, ISG and Scale DM turned their attention abroad, targeting both English and non-English speaking markets, where Impact Solutions already had an online presence. These countries included, but were not limited to, England, India, Africa and the Netherlands. Scale DM successfully provided both the translation services and optimization strategies necessary to deliver foreign market paid search campaigns. 

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